UCAS Nursing personal statement  – another mature student looking to get a degree in nursing to move up from a care assistant.

The introduction explains why she is applying for the course and shows that she has an intermate knowledge of the role and what it entails.

For over 12 years, I have been working as a Care Assistant ************************* specialising in caring for the Elderly who are Mentally Infirm (EMI). The part of this vocation that I found particularly challenging and rewarding is the care of patients with Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease. I am therefore looking to move forward in my career and feel that not only that I will find the work of a Mental Health Nurse fulfilling but also be able to achieve it to a high standard based on my experience. I have seen how the management and treatment of mental health illness can greatly increase someone’s quality of life first hand.

Give examples of where she has seen and then shown the skills necessary to be a good nurse.

My day to day role as Head Care Assistant is to look after patients who are elderly as well as a number who are here for palliative reasons. Due to their age, they have a range of demands, both medical and emotionally. As well as their physical care such as catheters and medication management, I also find time to talk and empathise with them. I am fortunate enough to work with a Mental Health Nurse who has shown me techniques to help patients.

Shows an understanding of the role and the details of it on a day to day basis.

Working with and observing him, I appreciate the importance of skills, especially those of how to talk and the patience needed. I have been most struck with his management of situations such as calming an aggressive patient and helping them realise that he is there to help. It is also interesting to see how he is part of a team and not working in isolation. Mental health might not be the only issue affecting an individual and could mean that the Nurse has to work with Physiotherapists, Councillors and Doctors. Having recently undergone training in the Mental Capacity Act of 2005, I am now more aware of how complex this area is. I have experience of this at the Care home and have shown the skills of both carrying out tasks on my own when necessary as well as leading and delegating to a team.

Reflects on experiences she has had and then why the next step of the course is essential as it will help her develop new relevant skills.

I have tried to transfer some of the skills I have observed in my work. For instance, recently, a relatively young patient came to us who was very nervous and confused. He is yet to be officially diagnosed with a mental condition; however, he would not let staff near to him and could become aggressive. Using patience and talking, I developed a rapport with him. It is frustrating when we have to cover the same conversations again as his short term memory is poor, but I feel that together we are making progress and he is settled into his new surroundings and is now able to be treated effectively. I have just completed training in handling violence and aggression and any complaints that may arise as well as SOVA and SOCA. This was only at a foundation level, and I appreciate that this is an area which is more relevant as I move into a more senior role.

Shows she is proactive and a self-starter. Has taken several additional courses over the years to improve herself. Uses these as examples of her ability for independent study and learning.

It is the many experiences such as this that have made me take this step back into education as I realise the benefit that I could offer as well how much more I need to learn. During my time at work, I have found time to complete some qualifications. I have got a Credit Certificate for ‘Access to Nursing’ and both a Level 2 and 3 NVQ in Health and Social Care. My positive experience of learning through these, as well as seeing their implication during my work confirms to me that I have the skills necessary to study at the highest level. In particular, those of time management and prioritising. Looking through the course, although I would hope my practical skills are somewhat developed, I appreciate the importance of the core modules of Ethics, understanding of Public Health Policy and Leadership. I also really appreciate that half of the time will be spent doing placements and how these are essential to build and cement the theory and see good practice.
To conclude I want to make more of a difference in people’s lives. The job I do at the moment is important, but I know that I have so much more to give.

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