Musical theatre is very niche as it requires many examples outside of school. It really is a profession and therefore, a degree, which needs evidence of being able proactive. The introduction here shows that the candidate has the experience and a genuine passion. This UCAS personal statement is about half way there, and the red notes are added to show how it can be improved.

When I was three years old, I played the part of *******************, and I still clearly remember the excitement of being onstage – an excitement which I feel to this day. I continued performing at the *********** and other venues (******************). The thrill that I derive from this and the opportunity to make a vocation/profession from this drives me to apply for Musical Theatre. As I hopefully have outlined below, I have experience Theatre from many roles and a range of standards, and from each experience, even the worse, I have developed and grown as a performer.

From here on I have written notes in an editing stage to show how it could be improved.

I have done many, many productions over the years, and have performed in France, Germany and Italy. This is impressive, was it as a professional or did parents pay for it. Ability to show drive and willingness to work hard especially touring not as a hobby, and it is hard to pick a role that stands out, but I particularly loved playing Marty in Grease at my school. Is this not just a list of and and and, realise a rough draft but what did each show, help develop, make a better candidate. I loved the role and exploring the character, her motivations, her background, and experimenting with the character in the rehearsal phase so I could find for myself what particularly suited the role. Also, it combined singing, acting and dancing and so particularly suited me.

In my BTEC in Musical Theatre, I have been challenged and stretched in many ways. This was particularly the case in the intensive module on developing singing skills. The physical side of singing was stressed, and the exercises to improve my vocal range, such as warm-ups and scales, were key disciplines that I learnt at the time, along with the use of the diaphragm. My singing improved considerably as I got used to the muscle movement required to keep my voice at its best. Therefore looking at the syllabus, I can see many aspects of my repertoire could be improved and therefore, the ability to develop my skills further under the instruction of professionals.

The course has also helped me a lot with dance, which overall is my favourite discipline. I had gained good experience already in dance through a dance school I attended for several years (***************), where I had developed my technical skills. Here, they dropped me in at the deep end by putting me straight in at the intermediate level for ballet and modern jazz passed? What level are you?. I also had lessons from a private teacher in contemporary dance, which is my favourite style. Because of my background and knowledge, my teacher for the BTEC put me in charge of Choreography for all our shows, which has been challenging but has given me lots of valuable experience. It was also a great opportunity to see productions from the other side of the curtain. Importance of direction and production? Need to show evidence of what was learnt here.

In my Drama A-level, I particularly enjoyed studying the works of Stanislavski. I appreciate the naturalism in his work and the realism he evokes through the use of emotional memory. This has helped me in my approach to forming characters on the practical side of the subject.

In addition to my academic grades, I have LAMDA Grade 8 merit in Acting and LAMDA Grade 6 merit in Verse and Prose. I have grade 4 flute and play in the school band. I also play the guitar and the ukulele for performance and pleasure. I had work experience with a freelance musician, working backstage and in rehearsals for a wide variety of theatre groups as well as in primary schools helping run music and drama workshops. Again seeing musical theatre from another aspect and also being someone who can go out and do things.

I have helped with various community theatrical and charity events, including work with **********. I was recognised for this by Lions International who put me forward for their Young Ambassador Award. This is excellent as it is an independent body saying your good! I won the district final and am looking forward to the National Final in February. I also particularly enjoyed the voluntary aspect of my bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Ultimately, I am completely passionate about Musical Theatre because no matter how hard the process is of rehearsing and preparing is, no matter how tough it is and how draining it can be, I love the feeling of being on stage and performing. This always makes it worth it – on stage for me, everything else is gone, and I can fully be the character I have spent so much time thinking about and learning how to be.

I am applying for this course because although I know that it is difficult to get a career on the stage, I believe I have the talent necessary. I want to have the best possible opportunity of fulfilling this ambition, and this is what this course will give to me.

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