Examples of UCAS personal statements:


We do not publish statements that we receive and edit. UCAS has software that trawls the web and looks for them. From here it can see if you have cut and pasted anything. DO NOT USE ONLINE EXAMPLES directly. But these are well worth looking at as a standard you could aspire to. For many, we have added notes in red to show how they could be improved.  You gain little from cut and pasting a word from any of these as they are not you. It is important that any UCAS personal statement reflects you. We just want to make sure that every candidate has the same access to the professional support that those at the top independent schools do.

Below are some examples of UCAS personal statements that we have made based on imaginary students.


Economics UCAS personal statement.


Mature Midwifery UCAS personal statement.


Nursing UCAS personal statement.


Musical Theatre UCAS personal statement.